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’My favourite Scene’ par Sophie LEBRE

vendredi 14 avril 2017, par Mme Benhamou

One of my favorite scenes is in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. This scene takes place at the end of the movie when Voldemort and Harry Potter fight for the last time.
Harry Potter and his enemy Voldemort - alias Tom Riddle - were standing in Hogwarts Castle which had been completely destroyed. There were ruins all around them and bodies on the ground. The other wizards like Hermione and Ron were fighting the death eaters.
Harry Potter and Voldemort were facing each other at the top of the Astronomy Tower. Their clothes were damaged and torn by the previous battle. Harry Potter was exhausted.
He told to Voldemort that there were no more Horcruxes and that it was just him and Riddle now. He added that one of them had to die in order to end this fight. Lord Voldemort replied that Harry was going to die because Dumbledore was not here to help him anymore. Harry Potter was coming closer to the edge of the tower slowly. He said to Tom Riddle that they should finish this the way they started. And he jumped from the tower with his enemy.
They fell on the ground but they were still alive. They looked at each other for a moment and suddenly they casted their killing spell at the same time. Finally Harry killed Voldemort who turned into dust.

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