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Présentation de Camille Mufat par Aurélie Pascual 5°6

vendredi 9 juin 2017, par Mme Benhamou

Camille Muffat was a great swimmer. She had got two brothers and sisters. Her older sister’s name is Chloe and Camille had got a little brother. Her mother’s name is Laurence ; she is Child care assistant and her father Guy is Physiotherapist. Camille began her career at 15 years old. She was so good on swimming. After her Bac S she studied in a business school and she practiced swimming in sport etude. Camille thanks to Fabrice Pellerin trainorship she persevering into swimming and she reached the European championship. She obtained a lot of medals. The 9th march 2015 she participated to an emission called “Dropped” with Alexis Vastine, Alain Bernard, Jeannie Longo, Florence Arthaud, Sylvain Wiltord, Philippe Candeloro and Anne-Flore Marxer. For this emission Camille climb into an helicopter but sadly the helicopter collided, she died there .

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